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Why Do Dogs Have Bad Breath?

More or less all dogs have bad breath, but there is a difference between bad and morbidly bad. If you notice that your dog smells extra bad in their mouth, so-called halitosis, it may be because the dog has eaten something bad or that bacteria have become stuck in their throat or on their tongue. It can also be due to other medical problems. 

Various Diseases That Can Cause Bad Breath in Dogs

Some examples of diseases can be various kidney problems, tumors and in rare cases it can also be because the dog has a condition affecting the nervous system, and cannot swallow his food properly. The dog can also have gastrointestinal problems such as gastric ulcer, or infections that can affect the breath, as well as dental problems such as tartar, inflamed gums, tooth loss, damaged and inflamed teeth.

What Can Be Done About the Problem?

A basic thing is to brush your dog’s teeth – preferably daily. There are chewing sticks specially made to prevent dental problems that also prevent bad breath. Some ingredients that can improve your dog’s breath are parsley and carrots. Something many people do not think about is changing the dog’s drinking water often, as dust accumulates if it’s allowed to stand for too long which can have an effect on the breath.

Good nutrition is also important for preventing dental problems and poor oral hygiene. Pay attention to whether your dog has tartar, this needs to be cleaned by a veterinarian at regular intervals.

At the Vet

What happens at the vet? If you visit a veterinarian because of suspected problems related to unusually bad breath, the veterinarian will undergo a dental and oral examination. Sometimes dental x-rays are also done, which often requires the dog to be sedated or anesthetized.  

Not Always a Problem

It is important to remember that dogs do not eat the same kind of food as we humans and therefore the breath naturally smells different. With a good diet and regular tooth brushing, you and your dog will be okay. 

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