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Buddy's Breeders Program

We all want our dogs to have the best possible start in life. How a puppy behaves as an adult largely depends on how you as a breeder act during the first period of your puppy's life. We offer all breeders 50% discount on our regular prices. It means that you more or less get the food at a cost price. To make your everyday life easier, we deliver the food to your door-step. Our subscriptions are flexible and can be terminated at any time, for example, when the puppies have been sold. You can also easily change the quantity, delivery interval and delivery date.

Also, we offer registered breeders the best bonus scheme on the market. For each new customer you recommend to us, you'll receive Buddy Points worth 30 EUR which can be used as a discount on our products. For every 10th order of food, you also get the entire shipment for free. That's right, for free. Try it now, it probably is the best breeder program in the world.

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