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Great News for Your Furry Friend

We are finally expanding our product range with two new recipes – Healthy Turkey Bites and Tasty Turkey Feast – two natural and oven baked whole foods with turkey, sweet potatoes and superfoods. More new products are expected to launch in the spring, including snacks and wet food. 

Healthy Turkey Bites is a recipe specially developed for smaller breeds under 10 kg. It is a 100% natural and grain-free whole food, it’s oven baked and contains turkey, sweet potatoes and superfoods. The pieces are extra small to suit even the smallest breeds. At the same time, Tasty Turkey Feast, a turkey-based recipe with oats, sweet potatoes and superfoods, will be launched to suit all dogs, regardless of size, breed or activity level.

The new recipes complement our existing product range, which today consists of six dry foods. The recipes are prepared in consultation with veterinarians and nutritionists to ensure quality and complete nutrition. Instead of heating the feed for a short time, the lining is slowly baked on low heat to preserve natural flavors and nutrients.

More launches are expected in the future, including snacks and wet food. Read more about the new recipes here.

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