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Our promise: To create a happier and healthier life for all pets.

Why did we start Buddy Pet Foods?

Because we love our dogs.

Buddy was founded out of love for our dogs. Over the last decades food for us humans have developed in a fast pace. As a result we're happier, more healthy and live longer. Unfortunately that's not the same for our dogs. To keep margins within the industry high it's common to use artifical additives, fillers and other nasties. The result is that dogs in today are more allergic, are more prone to cancer or diabetes, and in the end live shorter lives. That's just a stupid development.

So, we decided to take the matter into our own hands. Together with vets and nutrition experts we have developed new and better recipes. All-natural, healthy high quality dog food with tons of healthy benefits - and non of the nasties. Rather than using an extusion process with high temparture for 2 min we slowly oven bake our food to perfection for 40-45 min. By doing so more of the natural nutrients stays in the food and no sprayed nutrients needs to be added. That's what we called honesy pet food baked with love.


...but we can do more.

Nothing makes us happier than feedback from our customers. As a Buddy customer you will be asked to review our products, come with feedback and actively have a role in how we develop our recipes. Together we share the same goal: to make life more happy and healthy for our dogs.

Do you want to be part of helping us to create a better world for our four-legged friends? We're always on the hunt for ambitious and hungry people to strengthen our team.

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